What does infrared radiation mean ?

The infrared emission or infrared light is an electromagnetic emission with wave length from (0.7 to 300) μm (micrometers), in other words – from the end of the red area of the visible spectrum to the  microwave emission. Infrared rays are often called heat rays, because they have high thermic effect on human skin when near to heated bodies, which are the main source of infrared emission. Thus the emit wave length depends inversely to its temperature: the higher the temperature, the shortest the wave length and with higher emit intensity. All bodies with temperature higher than the absolute zero (-273.15C) are emitting infrared emission.

In which spectrum part Redsun panel emit?

Our infrared panel heaters emit in the long wave spectrum (IR-C) of the infrared emission, the wave length is within (8-15) µm. Infrared rays are harmless to man , do not confuse them with ultraviolet or microwave rays. Infrared spectrum is divided into the following subdomains :

-Near infrared: from 0.7 to 1.0 microns -Shortwave infrared: from 1.0 to 3.0 microns -Medium wave infrared: from 3.0 to 5.0 microns -Long wave infrared : from 8.0 to 12.0 or from 7.0 to 14.0 microns -Very long wave infrared : from 12.0 to 30.0 microns

What is the principle of work?

The use carbon-graphite-polyamide panel as a heater allows the transformation of electric energy into infrared energy (emission/heat).Electric energy rouses the carbon atoms and due that, they emit infrared emission. Infrared emission is caused by the photon releasing from roused atoms or ions during their transit into lower energetic levels.

Are infrared rays dangerous?

The visible spectrum rays and infrared rays cause no harm effects to living organisms. Infrared rays heat the Earth since the dawn of Earth’s creation, since the birth of the Sun – infrared emission is everywhere in our system.

Why Redsun infrared heating panels are more economical than other standard heaters?

The economy comes mostly from the fact that infrared heaters first and thoroughly heat hard bodies/objects (walls, floor, furniture, and so on) and then, when the hard bodies are heated the emit heat into air. That’s why when heated with infrared heaters, air is a bit cooler than the surrounding surfaces and objects. Also, the feeling of warmness with infrared heating is reached at 2-3 C lower air temperature. Redsun panels also produce convection heating but it’s negligible. The main heating is executed by infrared emission.

In the other case, heating with convectional heaters such as : -radiators -fan heaters -electric radiators -oil radiators -air conditioners and others

are heating first and thoroughly  air and then the air emits its heat onto the surrounding hard bodies. They also emit infrared heating but it is also negligible. With this type of heating there is a temperature difference from ceiling to floor (somewhere about 4-5 C), with infrared heating, this difference is 1-2 C.

How much watts heating of heat power are required for “X” square meters?

Everything depends on the conditions (parameters, features) of your room. The better the characteristics, the less heat power you will need. Positive factors are thick external insulation (7-8-10cm) , insulated floors and ceilings, higher floor, PVC , southerly exposure, thick external walls, less external walls, brick construction and more. With similar conditions, a Redsun panel with 1000W power could heat up a room with a size of 22-24 square meters at ceiling height of 2-50-2.70. We have a real case of heating a 30 m2 room with a single 950W panel.

The farther the features of your room are from the stated the more energy you will need. This applies for all types of heaters.

That is why we’re advising you to send an offer request in which we’ll offer you the heat power that you need for your room after we note all its special features.

How much is my monthly electricity bill going to be?

With an accurate calculation of the Watts required for heating, a Redsun panel heater needs to work about 8 to 12 hours a day (during the coldest times of the year). Everyone could calculate their approximate monthly bill just by filling our “energy consumption calculator”

– In the space for room 1 – 1000W – In the space for work hours – 10h a day it would give 48h a day. Other way to calculate is the formula below: Х(kW)*Y(h/d)*Z(d)*0,16(lv/kW)= А (lv/m), where : –  Х(kW) – the energy in kw; –  Y(h/d) – hours of work a day, with correct calculation of the room features a panel works 8 to 12 hours a day; –  Z(d) – days in month; –  0,16(lv/kW) – electricity price (it can be changed according your needs); –  А (lv/m) – approximate monthly bill

How long is the warranty of Redsun panels?

The warranty of Redsun infrared panel heaters is 5 years. As a rule we say that if a panel works for 10 minutes, then it will work without any problem for 10 years. During the warranty period if there’s a defected panel we replace it with a new one. The exploitation period of Redsun panels is up to 100 000h work, which allocated in time during the heating season , hours of work a day and so on is a period of 30-40 years.

What certificates and quality standards do Redsun panels have covered?

(Association for Technical Inspection) is a German organization, which is engaged with ensuring the safety of products of all sorts, for protecting people and environment from risk. Here is out TÜV certificate. GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit) е is a certificate for very high quality given by TÜV and guaranties excellent parameters of the product.

The marking is a sign of accordance placed on certain product designed for the European market. It also declares that the products fulfill the European safety requirements. The European legislation obligates every manufacturer (member of the EU, or not), to put this marking and to fulfill its accompanying requirements, on the products, that are going to be selled in the European economy zone and which fall into the European directives “New approach”. With this mark the manufacturer declares that the product fulfills all requirements and that all procedures for accordance assessment, shown in the relevant directive are performed.

Directive of the European union 2002/95/EU : Directive about reducing the usage of certain dangerous substances in the electric and electronic installation. RoHS is often thought as a non-lead directive, but it also restricts the use of these six substances :

1)Lead 2)Mercury 3)Cadmium 4)Hexavalent Chromium 5)Polybrominated biphenyls 6)Polybrominated biphenyl ethers are retardants used in some plastics.

As defined in the international standard IEC 60529, the IP code classifies and shows the level of protection against hard bodies penetrating (part of bodies like hands and fingers, included), dust, random contact and water in mechanic boxes with or without electric installation. IP54 – guaranties protection against: – Water injection: when there’s water injected against the corpus from any direction, there will be no harm – test duration: 5 minutes; water volume – 10L. a minute; pressure – 80/100 kN/m².

How long before the panels reach their maximum heating power?

The time for a Redsun panel to reach its maximum heating power is 10-15 minutes (depends on the model). The time for compete cooling is up to 20-25 minutes, in which period the panel still heats. The surface temperature that our panels reach is from 80 to 120 C (depends on the model). The time needed to heat a room depends on its characteristics but it varies from 2 hours to a day or two. Because hard bodies, objects, surfaces heat up much slowly compared to air, the time needed for initial heating is a bit longer. But on the other hand – they heat up slow but also cool off slow, meaning they accumulate much more heat and devote it longer then air.

Can Redsun panels work without a thermostat?

Yes, of course they can. We recommend thermostat usage because when using one you are able to control the work of the panels and realize huge energy savings and thus – money. As earlier stated – with correct calculation of the needed heating power, the time needed for the panels to work would be about 9 to 11 hours, that is calculated when a thermostat is used to control the work of the panels. If you don’t use a thermostat, the panel will work almost all the time except when it stops to protect itself from overheating thanks to the installed self-protect sensor. Without a thermostat the panel will work about 20-22 hours a day stopping only for self-protection. According to our calculation, the money invested in a thermostat returns in about 2-3 depending on the type of thermostat.

Can I burn if contacting the panel?

No, when contacted for 2-3 seconds to the front of the panels there is no danger of burning. The presence of a high quality epoxy resin layer on the front surface prevents from burning when touched for a little while.

Are Redsun panels easy to mount?

Yes the mounting is very easy and it takes about 5 minutes. In the package of every panel there’s a template helping with its positioning and mounting. We provide extensive guidance for mounting and exact positioning of the panels, for an easy reaching of their maximum heating power. The mounting options vary in many possibilities. The panels could positioned horizontally, vertically or at a certain angle on a wall. These options also apply when mounting on ceilings. They can be at a certain angle to floors or walls it’s all up to your imagination. With the help of the elegant aluminum feed, that we offer, the panel is mobile and you can move it all over your apartment.

What are the advantages of infrared heating and Redsun panels?


The initial investment in mounting a Redsun panel heater is minimum compared with the conventional heating systems. Because our infrared systems does not need any support or part replacement, there is no additional expenditure.

Future oriented:

With theirs ultra-thin design (25mm) Redsun infrared panel heaters do not take much space and can be placed on every wall or ceiling without being intrusive. You will need only an electric cable and a thermostat to control the room temperature and for a higher level of energy efficiency. The modern and future oriented design helps you experience new possibilities for interior design in combination with the newest technologies. Besides being a very effective heating method, infrared heating removes moisture and mold off the walls and creates entirely new and pleasant micro climate in a room.


Through pleasantly warmed ceilings and objects, the feeling of warmth is obtained with lower temperature, than we are used to with conventional heaters. Lower temperature do not dry the air, thus increases the humidity in the room. This helps our mucosa not to dry, which is a natural protection against illnesses like the cold.

Curative effect of infrared rays: – high blood pressure – improves blood circulation and stabilizes it – back pain, chronic muscle pain, creepers – bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma – colds, weight loss and cachexia – ear, nose, throat infection – arthritis, radiculitis, rheumatism, disc diseases – relieve the work of the kidneys – stress


The energy efficiency of about 98% allows for nearly the whole energy invested in heating to be used. This is significant improvement compared to energy efficiency of conventional heating systems which is about 50 – 70%. Redsun infrared panel heaters are classified with low content of electromagnetic pollution and do not produce any carbon emissions.

Where can Redsun infrared heating panels be used?

They can be used for heating apartments, houses, offices stores, separate rooms, bathrooms – having covered the IP 54 standard, gives you the opportunity to use our panels in wet areas and in rooms with high level of humidity. They can be used for zonal heating, for separate work spaces or for spaces with high circulation of people, while the heating of a whole industrial area would need huge heating power. Our panel heaters can be used pretty much everywhere.

Where can I buy the panels ?

Infrared panel heaters from Redsun can be bought from: -our office-store at – Sofia city, Shoping centre “TABI”, Todorini Kukli Street, №20 -from our partners published on our website -delivered to you by courier -delivered for free to the nearest office of the courier company we work with

For questions that are not present in this section please ask them using the inquiry form.

Do you offer leasing?

Yes. We offer leasing for all our products. Leasing contracts can be made in our shop. For more information contact us.

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