Infrared heating has many Advantages compared to other heating systems


Initial investment and installation of our infrared heating systems is moderate compared to conventional heating systems. Since our infrared systems are free of maintenance no further costs or replacement of parts apply. Infrared heating systems heat up objects applying the principle of heat wave distribution and do not heat up the air. No energy or heat is lost unnecessarily and due to the fact that infrared heating panels only store a small amount of heat, they warm up rapidly and reach their operating temperature very quickly.


These facts help to save up to 50% of your energy costs!

If you have a monthly energy over 200 lv. using a conventional heating systems and you reduce it by 35% through the application of infrared heating panels in your room, you end up newly with 130 lv. each month -> 65 lv. Less each month!

Your initial investment is therefore amotrized within a couple of month.

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Good for your home

Unlike conventional heaters which just heat the air, infrared heaters heat the walls. The walls store heat much longer than the air and release it slowly and evenly back into the room. Thus, the walls remain dry and mould has no chance to spread.

With warm surfaces, such as those produced by infrared heaters, you feel thermal comfort already at much lower ambient air temperature.

So it is possible to save energy already at each venting, because the fresh air must be less heated. The heat is stored in the walls.

Only one cable for energy supply is necessary and together with a thermostat, room temperature may be regulated easily and energy efficiency improved. The modern and future orientated design helps you to enjoy new possibilities of interior design combined with newest technology. Apart from being a very efficient way of heating, infrared heating panels help to dry humidity and mould on walls and create a totally new and comfortable micro-climate in your room.


Redsun heating systems heat up walls and objects and not the air within a room. Therefore walls are kept dry and the creation of mould or condensation is avoided.

Through the comfortable warm walls and objects, a feeling of well-being sets in with lower room temperatures than we are used to have when heating with conventional heating systems. A lower room temperature does not dry out the air, thus increases humidity within a room. This helps not to dry out our mucosa which is a natural protection against sicknesses like the common cold. Infrared heating waves are used in medicine successfully to treat hardening of muscles and inflammations.

The infrared radiation of Redsun heating systems additionally has a positive effect on our immune system.

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An energy efficiency of approximately 98% makes it possible to use almost all the energy that is put into the system for heating purpose. This is a significant improvement compared to the energy efficiency of conventional heating systems which is around 50-70%. Infrared heaters are classified low in electromagnetic pollution (IGEF) and do not produce any CO2 emission.