Projects with infrared heating panels and customer testimonials

Find below a selection of some of our Projects with Infrared Heating Panels.

Infrared heating with Wi Fi control via Internet

The infrared heating panel with painting and the internet programmable thermostat are installed in a living room in a house in Sofia, Dragalevtsi neighborhood. The power of the panel is 800 watts and it is installed on the ceiling in the room to heat the tiled floor and to stop the chill entering through the window. The panel is positioned relatively centrally in the room in order to shine bigger part of the floor. The floor which is warmed radiant has to heat the room. The picture is chosen by the client from our picture gallery, but you can choose any image on the Internet.та.

WiFi programmable smart thermostat via Internet was installed and programmed in the presence of the client, it was made a profile of him in free management platform and it was conducted a short training on the application and the functions of the temperature controller. The user interface is extremely easy and intuitive so the setup is a cinch.

Heating panels mounted on ceilings of 110 m2 apartment in Sofia

After last winter season 2014/2015 a customer took two infrared heating panels to become familiar with the technology, products and efficiency, this heating season he completes panels for the whole apartment. In the summer he contacted us while he was doing repair work, and we advised him to bet ceiling insulation of plasterboard and mineral wool. We discussed with him his ideas about vision and placement of the panels. We offered him options for maximum efficiency and visually perfect finish of the rooms and at the beginning of the heating season we mount the panels. You can see on our Facebook page the opinion of the client and his monthly heating bill for December 2015.

Infrared heating panel with picture in an antechamber of a doctor’s office

Infrared panel with white glass for a living room and infrared panel with picture for a  child’s room

A customer contacted us. He was interested in new infrared heating. We visited him to make light spot, to discuss opportunities and to prepare a real offer, based on all characteristics of the rooms. Initially, he ordered infrared heating panel with picture for a child’s room. The image was chosen by the customer. After the picture was finished, we delivered and installed the panel in the child’s room. After two weeks the same client called to say that he was satisfied with the first panel and he wanted to order another one for another room. We delivered and installed the new panel in the shortest time.

Glass infrared panel for heating with picture selected by a customer

After visiting our store in Sofia by a customer, discussing customer requirements, providing extensive information about infrared heating, selecting an image personal by the customer, we specified the order. After a few days the panel was printed, we delivered it to the client (free) and mount it on the desired and appropriate location.

Infrared heating panels with black glass, white glass and mirror

After receiving a request by a customer, we visited the customer in his home, we discussed his requirements, we prepared an offer and the next day we installed the panels.

Infrared heating panel installed on the ceiling in a bedroom for maximum efficiency

Инфрачервен панел за отопление 1kW монтиран на таван в спалня

On the ceiling in the bedroom

The photo is sent by our client.

Floor of a house in Sofia with infrared heating

Apartment in Sofia with infrared heating panels with pictures and one standard panel on ceiling in a bedroom

Customer feedback on the efficiency of the infrared panels and the installation carried out by us is published in our Facebook page.

Stylish image on infrared panel (radiator) for heating

You can see on our Facebook page the opinion of the customer.

What a greater proof or what a better advertising or a presentation of our products can we do? Real customer testimonials of real people is our best advertisement. “Seeing is believing.” Spoken word of mouth, they have the most powerful weight. Especially for this specific occasion, we can say that the customer has researched from a long time market, products, infrared heating, technology and performance. The customer came on in our office in Sofia with specific questions about infrared panels. After a brief discussion and presentation of the qualities of this economical and efficient heating, she decided to buy a heater. Selecting the desired image took a little time. We helped with suggestions and file processing. Finally she settled on concrete abstract image. We gave everything to print the panel as fast as possible.

The main idea of the client was to buy an infrared radiant panel for heating, to make measurements of power consumption and to assure the effectiveness of the new technology for heating. If she is pleased with the shown results as soon as possible, she will buy infrared heating panels for all rooms oh her home.

We are extremely grateful for the spent time and energy of our customers because a very small percentage of people have the opportunity to spend part of their time to send us photos, opinions, impressions and comments about our products and services. We give everything to be closer to our customers, so we believe builds name and business.

Infrared panels with pictures – thematic and economical in different rooms

You can see on our Facebook page the opinion of our customer.

After a thorough examination of the characteristics of infrared heating, evaluating the pros and cons, customers purchased an infrared heating panel with image selected by them in harmony with the child’s room. After some time and the onset of cold winter days, impressed by the effectiveness of the infrared device for heating, it was shown reduced power consumption the detection of monthly bills. Satisfied with the quality of performance, comfortable and economical heating, customers wanted to purchase another infrared panel with a picture of their choice. No matter that was before Christmas, we delivered the order quickly before the holidays.

Abstract and modern Picture Panel in new Apartment – Sofia

This interesting and modern picture panel does not only fit perfectly to the wall color and furniture but also heats up the room to a comfortable temperature with saving energy at the same time and giving the apartment a new and comfortable micro-climate. The file for printing is selected personally by the client, it is software sized and improved and it is directly printed with special inks and UV nano firing – guaranteeing quality and without changing the colors and shades in the long life of work (25-30 years).

Interior Matching Picture Panels in Apartment – Sofia

Three interior matching picture panels bring the comfort of infrared heating and a lovely visual effect into this apartment. The panels are used in the living room as well as in the bedroom. The use of a digital thermostat increases the energy efficiency and the comfort of using and regulating the room temperature. 10 factory default programs and the option for a further 10 individual programs provide a unique opportunity for tunning devices according to your personal needs, your work time, school, university etc. Once programmed or selected а default program leads to precise heating throughout the season. Included 2 alkaline batteries in the set of thermostats, allow for the preservation of set programs – no matters of power outage or voltage drop.

Hotel Apartments – Bansko

Read Result of Test Peiod of Redsun Infrared Panels used at Hotel St. John Hill

Apartment Hotel St. John Hill in Bankso offers a complete set of infrared panels incl. standard heaters for living and sleeping room as well as mirror panels for the bathroom (glass panels may be installed upon request) to its clients as a heating package. First examples showed a dramatic drop of energy consumption of more than 50% with the use of infrared heating panels compared to the Bansko central heating system which was used before. “…

In “St. John Hill” we launched the testing of infrared heating panels over a year ago after project installed heating system proved to be inefficient and expensive to maintainance and operation. In our search for better and more modern solution for heating, we found a partner in Redsun. The models we tested were economy line. After a detailed survey of these panel radiators for more than a year the results of the monitoring of energy consumption revealed energy savings between 20% and 45% (compared to the originally installed heating system with electric heaters). Infrared panels do not produce noise or odor as convector radiators…

Renovation of Panel Block – Blagoevgrad

Renovation of a Panel Block in Blagoevgrad. Whole apartment was renovated, newly insulated and Infrared Panels were applied above gips carton which allowed us to hide any cables and place thermostats in an ideal position. Besides the fresh and clean look, the renovation and appliance of insulation resulted in energy saving of approx. 30%

Infrared Panel with Picture in Kitchen – Sofia

A standard infrared panel heater with an individual picture print was mounted in a kitchen in an apartment in Sofia. The heating effect was very satisfying and improved the overall climate inside the kitchen and helped save some energy.

In room size of 10 m2 is installed standard infrared panel for heating with power of 550W, individually selected image, wall mounting and “Plug-in” thermostat. Changing with infrared heating, the presence of 7 cm external Neopor insulation, south facing and third floor apartment contributed to reduce the monthly heating bill of approx. 35%.

Living Room with Black Glass Panel – Sofia

Newly colored and modernized living room in an apartment in Sofia. The Black Glass Panel gives a very nice effect with regards to design and comfortable heat to the room. A place to feel comfortable during the colder days of the year. Infrared heating and qualitative indicators of the room contribute to 30% less energy for heating.

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