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Is there more comfortable heating than infrared underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating, an idea first used by the ancient Romans, is an increasingly becoming popular form of heating in the United States, the UK, and throughout Europe from East to West. Because of its extraordinary comfort and efficiency, people are discovering that a radiant underfloor heating system has many advantages.

Underfloor heating gives a constant and extremely comfortable heat, with no blasts of hot air from noisy fans or blowers to stir up dirt and dust. The absence of unsightly radiators makes furniture placement easier and creates a safer home environment with no exposure to hot surfaces.

Underfloor heating radiates comfortable, constant warmth with healthy, clean, quiet, and safe heat and can be operated more economically than other heating devices.

Redsun is the оfficial AHT distributor for Bulgaria and guarantees highest quality and efficiency.AHT_logo

Advantages of our AHT underfloor heating systems

The AHT Underfloor Heating system, based on a unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating technology, has significant advantages over any other type of underfloor heating system:

  • fits directly under all types of floor covering
  • reaches working temperatures faster than other systems
  • generates more consistent heat
  • is less costly and more economical to operate
  • has a low profile and superior flexibility
  • is extremely simple and easy to install
  • is perfectly safe from electrical shock hazards and electromagnetic radiation
  • is reliable and durable

Our technologically advanced underfloor electrical heating systems provide a warm, comfortable, luxurious home environment, for use in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, utility rooms, basements, dens, or bedrooms. It can be installed under any flooring (i.e. stone, wood, laminate, or carpet).

Read more on the technology and advantages of our underfloor heating at the bottom of this page!

Feeling warm begins with the feet

When your feet are warm, you feel warmer and more comfortable all over. The moisture content of the room is more stable and healthy. Unlike forced air heat, radiant heat is less likely to dry out your nasal passages, less likely to dry out the skin, and less likely to cause damage to furniture.

Because the air is not dehumidified, it feels several degrees warmer than it really is. And for every single degree of lower temperature, you save energy and money.

Application examples of underfloor heating mats

Our Amorphous Metal Ribbon Underfloor Heating is ideal for:

  • Apartments
  • Basements
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Restaurant, Bar
  • Workshop

Price list of our underfloor heating systems

The price of our heating mats is calculated per square meter. Approximately 65-85% of the surface to be heated should be covered with heating mats. The price matrix below provides an overview and easy price calculation for your purpose. Just measure the square meter to be heated and follow the price matrix to find out the cost for underfloor heating. for a detailed offer please contact us.

Prices displayed in BGN incl. VAT.

1           49.50           99.00         148.50         198.00         247.50         297.00         346.50         396.00         445.50         495.00
2           99.00         198.00         297.00         396.00         495.00         594.00         693.00         792.00         891.00         990.00
3         148.50         297.00         445.50         594.00         742.50         891.00     1’039.50     1’188.00     1’336.50     1’485.00
4         198.00         396.00         594.00         792.00         990.00     1’188.00     1’386.00     1’584.00     1’782.00     1’980.00
5         247.50         495.00         742.50         990.00     1’237.50     1’485.00     1’732.50     1’980.00     2’227.50     2’475.00
6         297.00         594.00         891.00     1’188.00     1’485.00     1’782.00     2’079.00     2’376.00     2’673.00     2’970.00
7         346.50         693.00     1’039.50     1’386.00     1’732.50     2’079.00     2’425.50     2’772.00     3’118.50     3’465.00
8         396.00         792.00     1’188.00     1’584.00     1’980.00     2’376.00     2’772.00     3’168.00     3’564.00     3’960.00
9         445.50         891.00     1’336.50     1’782.00     2’227.50     2’673.00     3’118.50     3’564.00     4’009.50     4’455.00
10         495.00         990.00     1’485.00     1’980.00     2’475.00     2’970.00     3’465.00     3’960.00     4’455.00     4’950.00


A unique Technology helps you save costs

The AHT Underfloor Heating system, based on a unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating technology, has significant advantages over any other type of underfloor heating system.

Comfort alone is a good enough reason to invest in an AHT underfloor heating system. Our underfloor heating systems help you save energy costs.

With an infrared underfloor heating system provided by Redsun, one often feels comfortable at temperatures lower than those provided by conventional systems, thus lower temperature settings equal lower electricity costs.

With AHT underfloor heating systems, savings begin with the purchase of the system. Not only do our systems cost less to purchase and install than other radiant underfloor systems, they usually cost less to operate.

Discover the comfort, feel the warmth, and enjoy the efficiency of radiant underfloor heating

How to install Amorphous Metal Ribbon Mats

If you plan a new home or do a renovation, AHT heating Mats are ideal in both cases.

If you do a renovation or replace an existing floor, you may have limited space between the old floor and the new one. AHT heating mats are made of ribbons (not wire as this is usually the case with underfloor heating) that are 2.2 mm deep, making it the perfect choice when space is limited. The ribbon system is ideal when using mixed floor covering as our mats fit under any floor surface.

Effective room heating requires approximately 80 % of the floor area to be covered. With our Mats you can virtually cover any area. Plan to use the larger heating mats as much as possible, with smaller mats used only as gap fillers.

It must be strongly emphasized that the wooden floors should be no thicker than 18 mm. Wood is a heat insulator and if the thickness is >18 mm the safety drops because of drastically rising heating mat temperature.

Sometimes floors are covered with different types of carpeting. We recommend that the R-value of the carpet does not exceed 2.0 Tog.

The following are examples of installations under various flooring types. for full installation, details contact us or read our installation guide.

Under vinyl or linoleum in dry surroundings*

  1. Vinyl or linoleum
  2. Self-leveling flooring cement or latex compound of at least 6mm thickness
  3. Heating mat
  4. Hard or soft insulation material
  5. Floor slab (wood or concrete)

wood, laminate, parquet_dryUnderwood, laminate, and parquet flooring in dry surroundings*

1. Wood flooring material

2. Heating mat

3. Soft insulation material

4. Floor slab (wood or concrete)

 Tiles_DRYUnder tiles in dry surroundings

  1. Tiles
  2. Thin-set/Grout /Tile adhesive
  3. Heating mat
  4. Hard insulation material
  5. Floor slab (wood or concrete)

Tiles_WETUnder tiles in wet surroundings*

  1. Tiles
  2. Thin-set/Grout/Tile adhesive
  3. Grounding net
  4. Heating mat
  5. Hard insulation material
  6. Floor slab (wood or concrete)

Glued carpet or wood with adhesiveUnder glued type carpet or wood

  1. Carpet, vinyl, or linoleum with adhesive
  2. Self-levelling flooring; cement or latex compound of at least 6mm thickness
  3. Heating mat
  4. Hard or soft insulation material
  5. Floor slab (wood or concrete)

Non-glued carpet without adhesiveUnder non-glued type carpet

  1. Carpet without adhesive
  2. Underlay
  3. Heating mat
  4. Soft insulation material
  5. Floor slab (wood or concrete)

* In wet surroundings, a grounding net should be installed directly above the heating mat.

Find a fully detailed installation guide here.

Technical Details and Advantages of our Underfloor Heating Mats


What is an Amorphous Metallic Alloy Ribbon?

Amorphous metallic alloys often referred to as metallic glasses, are relatively new materials, mainly available in the form of thin ribbons. They are prepared from molten metallic alloys by a rapid cooling technique. In this technique, a ribbon of the molten metallic alloy is poured onto a rapidly rotating copper drum.

Due to the thinness of the ribbon 20 to 30 microns, it cools very quickly (at a rate of about 1,000,000 degrees/second). Since solidification occurs so quickly, no crystalline structure has any chance of forming. Instead, an amorphous solid, in the form of a very thin ribbon, is created (the width varies from a few millimeters to 10cm.

AHT Mat_square

What’s special about Amorphous Ribbons?

Obviously, the lack of any crystalline structure in amorphous ribbons is special. However, other properties of the material are affected by this lack of crystalline structures. The boundaries between crystals in crystalline solids typically cause most of the material’s faults.

The homogeneous, non-boundary structure of amorphous metallic alloys provides unique mechanical, anti-corrosion, wear resistant, and magnetic properties. It makes amorphous metallic alloys superior in many ways to the more common crystalline metals.


A Safe source of Heat

Heating elements based on the amorphous ribbon, operate at lower temperatures and are therefore more secure and less hazardous to the user. There is no dangerous and unpleasant burning of oxygen or dust, no open flames, no feeling of suffocation or bad odors while the heating element is working and full electrical safety controls are built into the system.

AHT heating mats are designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards.

The heating mats meet class 2 appliance requirements; are constructed with double insulation and have successfully passed the applicable tests of IEC safety standards: IEC 60335-1 (Household and similar electrical appliances – safety, general requirements) and IEC 60335-2-96 (particular requirements for flexible sheet heating elements for room heating).

The heating mats are also certified and listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) based on UL 1693 (Electric Radiant Heating) standard, file E349312. As such the products proudly carry the CE mark and have a CB certification, the Nemko N mark, and the UL mark. AHT products have been tested and proved to have negligible electromagnetic radiation, far below the minimum requirements of the applicable standards.

When installed according to the installation instructions and manual, the products are of the highest quality and perfectly safe.

Negligible Electromagnetic Field

Measurements of the electromagnetic field strength generated by AHT heating mats prove that it is negligible when compared to the strength of acceptable EMF levels. The AHT heating mats have passed rigorous safety tests and AHT has all necessary approvals.

 подово отопление_Килим_S

Superior Heating Performance

Due to the low mass of AHT’s heating elements, they perform far better than regular heating elements. Indeed, the amorphous ribbon will begin heating its surroundings faster than the traditional kind. This also means that AHT’s technology is more energy-efficient than other heating systems, thus saving on electricity bills and offering a low maintenance-cost system.

Long Life

AHT technology has a major advantage in terms of life span due to the low temperature of the heating element.


Energy and Cost Savings

The AHT underfloor heating system offers three primary areas of energy saving when compared to radiators.

  1. Losses through the window are much lower.
  2. Losses through the ceiling are lower because the temperature at ceiling level is lower
  3. Losses through the wall and air changes are lower because room air temperatures are lower with the AHT system, to provide the same comfort level.

The AHT system is applicable to every type of building, whether it is newly built, a renovation, or a retrofit for both residential and commercial properties.

Large Transfer Area

The ribbon’s large transfer area means that the product reaches a specific power output level at a lower temperature.

Lower Insulation Cost

The ribbon element may be packed in different types of polymer insulation, and contrary unlike wire elements, works at lower temperatures, thus requiring lower or less expensive insulation.


Suitable for all Floor Coverings

Due to the low working temperature of the AHT heating element, it can be embedded in self-leveling cement or latex compound of at least 6mm thickness, and on top to fit every type of dry floor covering including timber or parquet flooring or wall-to-wall carpet without damaging color, lacquer, adhesives, and physical properties.


Other Advantages

The AHT system has other clear advantages; being the most comfortable and natural form of heating; it is unobtrusive, safe, and quiet; it is virtually maintenance-free, and it complements other energy-saving developments in heating – e.g. condensing boilers, solar panels, heat pumps, and combined heat and power systems – and is simple and inexpensive to install.

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  1. Здарвейте имам излята плоча без никаква замазазка отгоре та
    Въпросът ми е може ли да се положи директно вътху бетона , трябва ли да направя замаска преди това или след като се положе ?

    • Добре е върху плочата да се положи подходяща изолация с дебелина поне 2-3 см, за да има ефект от изолацията. Върху изолацията, се монтира подовото отопление и след това саморазливна или цименто-пясъчна замазка. Ако няма положена изолация, ще консумирате 40-50% повече енергия за да стоплите дома си. Това е валидно за всяко подово отопление и за всяко отопление по принцип. Иначе самите рогозки за подово отопление, могат да се положат и върху плочата, и върху замазката.

  2. Може ли вашето подво да се залее с саморазливна замазка върху бетон директно и колко е мин -дебелина ???

  3. Hi

    I have been told by my builder that they will have to dig out my concrete floor to lay insulation boards as my ceiling hight is too low for this system

    Can this be laid on existing concrete and how deep is the insulation matting, and infra red mats in total ie how much hight from my floor will I lose

    • Hi, thanks for your interest in our underfloor heating system.
      First – our underfloor infrared heating mats can be laid directly at you existing concrete layer, BUT without an insulation its gonna led to big amount of heat loss. That’s why we strongly suggest insulation layer below the heating mats, with minimum thickness of 2 cm. If you have 3-4 cm free we can make insulation layer 2 cm, led the heating mats and make self-leveling screed above the mats to prepare your floor for any floor cover you want.
      Second – if you have time and money, you can ask your builder to dig the stucco which is probably 4-6 cm above the concrete slab and replace it with 4-5 cm insulation layer, wich gonna reduce the heat losses much more. After insulation we can led the mats and again self-leveling screed to cover and save the mats and prepare for final floor cover.
      Hope the answer is satisfactory.
      If you have any other question, do not hesitate to ask.
      Wish you a very great day!
      Regards Redsun team!

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