Infrared heating panels

Инфрачервен панел за отопление с черно стъкло монтиран в кухня

Models, structure and technical characteristics of infrared panels with a carbon heater

Infrared panels – economical series

Prices from BGN 369.00

The standard white carbon panel is our best selling product.

Инфрачервени панели за отопление - икономична серия

It is elegant, easy to install and perfect for people looking for efficient heating with great value for money. The panel is white, with an elegant aluminum frame and fits any apartment, office and wherever it is needed. See more here…

Infrared picture panels

Prices from BGN 417.00

Our picture panels are made of high quality printing and are widely applicable, effective and give a unique atmosphere.

Инфрачервен панел за отопление с картина орхидея

We can print a picture of your choice or you can choose from our picture gallery. Printing is done on the standard white carbon panel and takes only a few days to complete. Picture panels fit perfectly in children’s rooms, kitchens, living rooms and wherever they are needed. See more here…

Black glass panels

Prices from BGN 588.00

The black glass panels are an alternative to the white carbon ones, for people oriented towards a more stylish interior.

The panels are made of the highest quality materials, heat resistant glass and look unique hung on a brightly painted wall. The contrast and slightly mirror effect will pleasantly surprise everyone who saw the panel. It is not only an efficient heater, but also a great addition to your interior. See more here…

White glass panels

Prices from BGN 648.00

The white glass panel is the twin brother of our black glass panel and is also designed for people with a more stylish interior orientation.

The panels are made of the highest quality materials, heat-resistant glass and look unique hung on a colorful wall or in any dimly lit part of the home. The contrast and slightly mirror effect will pleasantly surprise everyone who saw the panel. It is not only an efficient heater, but also a great addition to your interior. See more here…

Mirror panels

Prices from BGN 582.00

Panels of this type can be used not only as heating devices, but also as a mirror.

Made of the highest quality materials, heat-resistant glass, practical for bathrooms, corridors, entrances or wherever needed, creating an impressive effect. This panel helps you save space by having both a heater and a mirror in one. See more here…

What is the structure of Redsun’s infrared panels?

The Infrapower infrared heating panels offered by Redsun feature the leading technologies in infrared heating panels. Highest efficiency and lowest possible energy consumption are guaranteed. Infrapower manufactures for leading international customers, OEMs as well as standard panels for individual needs. What all panels have in common is a carbon-graphite polyamide panel that gives better results than any standard electrical wires used.

Structure of the panels

Инфрачервено излъчване на инфрачервен панел за отопление

Copper and silver platform
Conductive polymer treatment on the copper connections well as a special design of the nano silver bar, prevent hot spots and sparks as well as guarantees safety even in abnormal condition or at very high surface temperatures.

Epoxy resin
Adapting high quality epoxy resin as cover and bottom layer, INFRAPOWER panels have very good durability and no burning danger. We can reach surface temperatures up to 260C. Because of the edges sealed perfectly, there is no water leakage or electricity leakage rist (depending on installation highest IP class can be reached (IPx8). Being very thin (made to order from 0.6mm to 1.4mm), our panels can be installed at nearly any place or application.

Carbon graphite polyamide
Our electric conductor made of carbon graphite polyimide panel is more durable than steel. Its outstanding safety and durability as well as the high efficiency it generates makes INFRAPOWER panels the leading base panels. Carbon is mainly from C (Carbon) and like Diamond used for automobile, ink and cosmetic industry. During the manufacturing process, heat treatment from 1,000 to 3,000C named Carbon Fiber and heat treated material over 2,500C named Graphite fiber. Graphite has higher heat resisting characteristics compared to other materials, lower thermal expansion co-efficient, excellent thermal conductivity and is widely used as the material generating heat by electricity. Our special mixing process that generates different power consumptions according to the applications best suitable efficiency rate used carbon and graphite at optimum rates.

What is the heating capacity of Redsun infrared panels?

We hope that we all know that the required power for heating a certain room depends to an extremely large extent on its thermal insulation characteristics. The other main factors are outside temperature, desired inside temperature and what rooms it borders – heated or unheated. Maintaining a 1°C higher temperature requires about 7% more power for well-insulated rooms and 12% more power for NON-insulated rooms.

Example: If 600 watts/hour are needed to reach and maintain 22°C in an average insulated room of 10m2 in a housing cooperative at -15°C outside temperature, then 642 watts/hour will be needed to maintain 23°C (600+7 %)

Analogous example for the same room, but let it be UNINSULATED. To reach and maintain the same 22°C will require 1000 watts/hour, and to increase and maintain to 23°C will require 1120 watts/hour (1000+12%).

From this small example we can draw the conclusion that to reach and maintain the same temperature, with the same outside temperature and other conditions being equal, for uninsulated rooms we will need about 60% more power=energy=MONEY.

Due to the numerous variants of construction and thermal insulation characteristics in the Bulgarian lands, we made comparative tables for the heating capacity of the infrared panels, according to the different conditions. If you look closely at the tables, you will see the huge difference in power required for the same square footage/cubic area versus the difference in other parameters.

Approximate square footage/cubic area for heating with infrared panels for BRICK BUILDINGS

Капацитет на отопление на инфрачервени панели от Редсън за тухлени постройки

Approximate square footage/cubic area for heating with infrared panels for PANEL BUILDINGS

Капацитет на отопление на инфрачервени панели от Редсън за панелни постройки

The presented data on the need for heat power are extremely close to reality, each value is supported by calculations of the heat losses of one room, under certain conditions. With the indicated data, we will most likely not cover the entire palette of construction combinations in Bulgaria, but we are extremely close to the real options.

However, we recommend that you contact us for an individual offer or press the “Request an offer” button.

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