Infrared Radiant Heating and Cooling systems

Infrared short-wave technology Infrared radiation is a sub-area of the light spectrum generated by the sun. This type of light, however, is invisible to the human eye; it only serves to radiate heat. Basically: the shorter the wavelength, the easier it is to penetrate the air. Short-wave infrared generates heat by heating the object it meets with, without heating the air around it. Even effective and instant heat without pre-heating. A good example of this mode of action is the effect that occurs when a person walks out of the shade into the sunlight. Although the ambient temperature remains the same, they feel the temperature as considerably warmer under direct solar radiation. Economically, environmentally convincing and cost-saving for more advantages and return at any use.

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As the pioneer in the field of infrared short-wave technology, the unique expertise, and experience of BURDA Technologies enables us to provide a high-quality product and move the technology forward. Redsun is one of the main distributors for BURDA Products in Bulgaria and South-East Europe. The innovative products we offer are the best evidence for intelligent solutions. Each product is produced with the passion to bring out highly efficient, energy-saving instant heating or cooling products. Customized solutions, perfectly attuned to people and the environment guarantees an almost unlimited range of use.

The highest standards in the production process and the use of sophisticated materials allow us to always offer our customers only the very best in terms of high quality, design, functionality, and high performance. This is the only way possible to set standards worldwide.


Advantages of our infrared radiant heating products

– Original since 1990 – Unique quality standard – High-quality processing and manufacturing depth – High-quality substance and components – Increased durability and burning duration – Efficiency straight to the point – Emission-free and clean (depending on electricity mix) – Broad power spectrum up to 18 kW – Wide choice of colors and models – High-quality elegant design – Long-lasting, weatherproof aluminum BURDA_cooling_backside


Areas of use

– Hotel and gastronomy business£ – Balcony/terrace/conservatories – Camping – Garages/factories – Halls (production, warehouse, trade fair, etc.) – Hangars – Sport (swimming pool, golf house, etc.) – Churches – and many other uses


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