BBoil WiFi programmable smart thermostat via Internet

Control heating, cooling, hot water, and lighting in your home via Internet. Your home is a click away! Just one account controls your home, office and villa.

WiFi internet programmable smart thermostat BBoil

Model: BBoil

Manufacturer: ProSmart System

Price: 115.8 BGN with VAT

Promotional price: 99,00 BGN with VAT

Warranty: 2 (two) YEARS

Delivery across Bulgaria:4,00 BGN with VAT

Installation and Operating Instructions

Available: YES

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What will you gain with WiFi internet programmable thermostat BBoil by Redsun?

  • Energy savings – money respectively ;
  • Security – your home is a click away;
  • Control – control capability of all systems in your home in real time from anywhere in the world;
  • Optimized power consumption;
  • Integrated management;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Mobile application for smartphone;
  • Automation of systems in your home, office, villa …
  • You are always at home
  • And much more…

Check out the security and the reliability you get by using Internet temperature controller Bboil:

  • Internet BBoil thermostat can work without constant network connection;
  • All data is encrypted;
  • Every thermostat has a unique serial number that can be added into your system just once;
  • Activation of BBoil only with manual confirmation by an individual user;
  • Security system is multilevel;
  • Internet thermostat becomes invisible to other devices, once it is activated;

BBoil thermostat uses a different set of sensors. BBoil thermostat can be used by you to alert in real time in case of fire, flood, and other trouble.

What can you control (manage) using a smart thermostat?

  • Control systems in homes and offices via the Internet

    A click away

    Electric heating and cooling systems and appliances

  • Electric heaters;
  • Electric hot-water boilers;
  • Solar systems for water heating;
  • Air conditioners and air conditioning systems;
  • Gas boilers and solid fuel boilers;
  • Home lighting, office lighting and garden lighting
  • Irrigation systems for yard and garden;
  • Almost all devices and systems run on electricity.

Benefits of using Internet controlled thermostat Bboil:

  • You have ability to manage different kinds of electrical appliances;
  • You have real-time information access for your home and office;
  • You can boil water in your boiler only when this is required;
  • You can connect different types of sensors for various optimization;
  • You can make daily and weekly program for work-related equipment and systems;
  • You own smart system that can self-learning and improve itself;
  • You have access to your home at any time and from anywhere in the world;
  • Bboil gives you more security and transparency;
  • Bboil has a safe and reliable control system.

How to install, set up and manage WiFi temperature controller BBoil?

To get a better picture of that kind of online platform and all opportunities that it gives you, open your internet browser and enter the web address: Make a registration with email: and password: bboil. This will be a demo version with real electrical appliances. You can play around with settings, temperatures, time, and everything else that interests you.

You can see in the video below the first steps in work and installation of WiFi smart thermostat Bboil.

What actually is a web programmable smart thermostat BBoil?

This Wi-Fi device is a smart relay module, which is allowing you to adjust the program/ for hours, days, and weeks. Various sensors can be connected, with which you get different information and you can practice assorted control operations. The Internet thermostat can connect to any WiFi network without the need for additional settings. You can adjust complete ecosystem in your home with BBoil help. You have full information in real time and if it is necessary, you can correct it.
After installation and initial setup, run via Internet temperature controller can be regulated on a computer, tablet, and smartphone anywhere. You have to log in to your account and manage it. You can automate quickly and easily every electrical appliance no matter what brand, model, and manufacturer.
More important for Bulgarians is the reason that the smart device is developed and manufactured in Bulgaria by Bulgarian software and hardware engineers who have extensive experience worldwide This is an additional reason to choose in particular this Internet programmable smart thermostat.

Technical characteristics of Internet thermostat BBoil

Temperature measurement range from 0 to 125°С (0,25°С step)
Temperature range set from 15°С to 75°С (1°С step)
Accuracy of temperature measurement ±0,5°С from -10°С to +85°С
Timer Internet NTP, accuracy 100ms
Programs Modes: off, work on weekly program, manually set temperature. Weekly schedule with 15 minutes step
Hysteresis Upper and lower;set by every user within limits ±10°С
Switching contact 16А
Power supply 230V AC, 0.2A, 50Hz
Size 90,2х53,3х56,5mm (length/width/height)
Work temperature from 0°С to 45°С
Storage temperature -20°С to +60°С
Operating humidity from 5% to 90%, non-condensing
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