Benefit from a new technology. Infrared heating !

The sun represents a natural source of infrared heat which we all enjoy. Redsun Infrared Heating Systems with their ultra-slim panels will enable you to benefit from the same lovely and healthy warmth inside your own home. Our infrared heating panels stand for high quality and energy efficiency. The panels comply with all required regulations and the highest European quality standards. Infrared heating systems are very neat, creating no dust, emissions, smells, or noise, and do not require any maintenance. Redsun infrared heating panels are a perfect alternative to existing heating systems such as radiators, air-conditioning, oil/gas heating systems, etc.

Are you interested in using infrared heating for your room?



With a Redsun infrared heating system, you can save energy as well as maintenance costs significantly and benefit from an elegant and neat heating technology that is free of CO2 emissions. Infrared heating panels are discreet and elegant and are ideally fixed on the wall or ceiling in any apartment, office, or shop and make you enjoy a totally new and comfortable micro-climate in your room!



Newest technology is applied during production of our powerful carbon fiber infrared panels resulting in a high-quality product certified by GS TÜV and CE, and conforming with the environment-friendly RoHS regulation. The product does not need any maintenance and comes with a guarantee of 3 years. As a rule, we say: If a redsun infrared panel works for one month – it will work free of maintenance for the next 10 years!


The ultra-slim heating panels are highly efficient while giving 98% of the heat back to the room, compared to conventional heating systems which have an efficiency of 50% – 70%. Because infrared panel heaters do not heat up the air but the objects, no energy is lost unnecessarily and a significant amount of energy can be saved. Our efficiency rate is among the best on the market.



Redsun infrared panels are ultra-slim and produced out of high-quality carbon fiber, encased with a modern & elegant aluminum frame. An assembly help on the backside helps to easily fix the panels on every wall or ceiling. The modern and future-orientated design helps you to enjoy new possibilities of interior design combined with the newest technology. Apart from being a very efficient way of heating, infrared heating panels help to dry humidity and mold on walls and create a totally new and comfortable micro-climate in your room.


Infrared heating waves are proven to have many positive effects on your health such as improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, improving blood supply to the cells, and additionally having a relaxing effect on the body and mind.


Infrared Panels




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