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Infrared heating – take advantage of new technologies. The heating of the future!

The sun is a natural source of infrared heat that we all enjoy. Redson infrared heating systems with their extremely thin panels will give you the opportunity to benefit from both pleasant and healthy heat in your home. Our infrared heating panels are of guaranteed high quality, long-term use – up to 100,000 hours of operation, modern and practical design. Low electricity bills are registered when using infrared radiators for heating and exceptional energy efficiency, thanks to the properties of infrared (heat) rays. The panels are made of carbon fiber, according to all European regulations and meet the highest European quality standards. Infrared heating is clean, does not create dust, gases, odors, noise and does not require any maintenance.

Would you like to heat your home with Redson’s infrared panels?

What is different about infrared heating?

What is the heating capacity of Redsun infrared panels?

Comparison between infrared and gas heating translated by TU Kaiserslautern Germany!

What is the structure of infrared panels?

What quality and security standards do Redsun panels have?

Infrared heating panels

Инфрачервени панели за отопление - икономична серия

Heating panels economic series

Prices from 369 lv

Infrared heating panels with white glass - a special package - 2x600 watts,

White glass heating panels

Prices from 648 lv

Infrared heating panels - special package - 2x600 watt

Heating panels with black glass

Prices from 588 lv

Heating panels with a mirror

Prices from 582 lv

Heating panels with pictures

Prices from 402 lv

Redsun infrared heating panels are highly energy efficient, proven to have a positive effect on health and represent a future-oriented and modern alternative to current conventional heating systems. High security, quality standards and energy efficiency are guaranteed.

Complete objects with infrared panels

What is different about infrared heating?

The principle of operation of these devices is extremely similar to that of the Sun. The heating is carried out by means of rays – infrared (heat), the panel converts the consumed electrical energy into radiant energy. The rays are separated and propagated in the space (room) at the speed of light, part of them is absorbed, another part is reflected by the objects that make up the room. These are walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, appliances, people, animals and everything denser than air.

Absorbed rays heat objects on the surface, reflected rays reach other objects and warm them, then the heated objects give off heat to the surrounding air in the room. In this method of heat transfer – through rays – all hard/solid surfaces are one idea higher temperature than the air in the room – about 1-2°C.

Benefit: maintaining air temperature slightly lower than that of solid objects greatly reduces or eliminates the possibility of condensation and mold formation. It also keeps the air humidity within healthy limits.

Redsun infrared heating panels are a perfect alternative to existing heating systems, such as convector radiators, air conditioners, gas heating systems, solid fuel, pellets and others.

What is the heating capacity of Redsun infrared panels?

We hope that we all know that the required power for heating a certain room depends to an extremely large extent on its thermal insulation characteristics. The other main factors are outside temperature, desired inside temperature and what rooms it borders – heated or unheated. Maintaining a 1°C higher temperature requires about 7% more power for well-insulated rooms and 12% more power for NON-insulated rooms.

Example: If 600 watts/hour are needed to reach and maintain 22°C in an average insulated room of 10m2 in a housing cooperative at -15°C outside temperature, then 642 watts/hour will be needed to maintain 23°C (600+7 %)

Analogous example for the same room, but let it be UNINSULATED. To reach and maintain the same 22°C will require 1000 watts/hour, and to increase and maintain to 23°C will require 1120 watts/hour (1000+12%).

From this small example we can draw the conclusion that to reach and maintain the same temperature, with the same outside temperature and other conditions being equal, for uninsulated rooms we will need about 60% more power=energy=MONEY.

Due to the numerous variants of construction and thermal insulation characteristics in the Bulgarian lands, we made comparative tables for the heating capacity of the infrared panels, according to the different conditions. If you look closely at the tables, you will see the huge difference in power required for the same square footage/cubic area versus the difference in other parameters.

Approximate square footage/cubic area for heating with infrared panels for BRICK BUILDINGS

Капацитет на отопление на инфрачервени панели от Редсън за тухлени постройки

Approximate square footage/cubic area for heating with infrared panels for PANEL BUILDINGS

Капацитет на отопление на инфрачервени панели от Редсън за панелни постройки

The presented data on the need for heat power are extremely close to reality, each value is supported by calculations of the heat losses of one room, under certain conditions. With the indicated data, we will most likely not cover the entire palette of construction combinations in Bulgaria, but we are extremely close to the real options.

However, we recommend that you contact us for an individual offer or press the “Request an offer” button.

What is the structure of infrared panels?

Standard panels

Устройство на стандартни инфрачервени панели за отопление от Редсън

White glass

Устройство (структура) на инфрачервени панели за отопление с бяло стъкло от Редсън

Black glass

Устройство (структура) на инфрачервени панели за отопление с черно стъкло от Редсън

A mirror

Устройство (структура) на инфрачервени панели за отопление с огледало от Редсън

What is the function of the different building layers and materials?

Aluminum sheet with resin coating

The front finishing sheet of aluminum is 0.5 mm thick, unfolds over the entire surface of the panel, its main function is to enable maximum heat dissipation. Through this layer, the main release of the generated heat takes place, through infrared heat rays.

Aluminum, as a material, has a fairly high heat transfer coefficient of 237 (W/m*K), this feature of the material makes it one of the most used heat-emitting elements.
Naturally, there are also materials with a much higher coefficient, but they are significantly more expensive and the price/performance ratio is less than that of aluminum.

The finishing coating of a special epoxy resin protects people and animals from burns, as the panels reach 110°C-115°C during operation. This thin film of the resin prevents the risk of burns during short-term contact within 2-3 seconds. This is enough time for the self-preservation instinct to activate and for everyone to back away without getting burned. If we touch a ceramic hotplate at 110°C we will get burned immediately.

Copper and nano silver platforms

They prevent the appearance of hot spots in the structure of the infrared panels and guarantee safe operation under unusual conditions and rather high temperatures. The copper platform is treated with super-permeable polymer, and the nano silver platform has a specific design and structure, their total thickness is less than 0.5mm.

Carbon heater

The heater/electrical to radiant energy converter is made of pressed carbon graphite polyamide, which is much more durable, durable and lighter than steel, about 4 times.
Exceptional resistance, security and performance rank the panels from Redsun in one of the leading positions in the industry.

The temperature resistance of graphite is several times higher than that of widely used materials. It has an extremely small thermal expansion coefficient of 2-6 (10-6 m/(m K)) and an excellent thermal conductivity coefficient of 168 (W/m*K). It is widely used as a converter of electrical (current) to thermal energy.

The thickness of the layer is about 1 mm.

Insulation material

The special insulating layer has a very small (low) coefficient of thermal conductivity – 0.025 (W/m*K), which leads to a difficult passage of heat through it, which is its main purpose. This layer minimizes the transfer of thermal energy through the back of the panel. This allows maximum directing of the heat produced to the front of the panel, from where the main heat transfer takes place.

This thin – about 2 mm, but effective insulation layer reduces the temperature at the back of the panels to 35-40°C. These temperature values ensure safe operation of the unit and enable it to be mounted on almost any wall or ceiling surface. For example – wallpaper, paneling, plasterboard, PVC and many others.

Polished aluminum

The final, final layer of polished aluminum is about 2 mm thick, giving structural stability to the relatively thin (5-6 mm) infrared heating panel. The polished aluminum surface further reduces heat transfer through the back of the panel. From this layer, the release of the generated heat takes place by convection (transfer of heat through the air that circulates around the panel), and not, as in the front, frontal layer, by rays.

The two mounting elements are attached/soldered to this layer, by means of which the wall or ceiling installation is carried out. On top of this layer is the encapsulated box, which houses the device’s electrical connections.

See a comparison of prices and efficiency between Infrared and gas heating conducted by the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

With the infrared heating devices from Redsun you will save energy, respectively you will reduce your electricity bills, heating took an example from nature – the Sun – the largest source of infrared radiation. No maintenance costs in the long life of the panels (up to 100,000 hours of operation). You will benefit from an elegant, clean and innovative heating technology, without CO2 emissions, without unnecessary air currents in the room, without noise, without smell, without pipes, hoses and complex systems taking up space and disturbing the vision of the room.

Infrared heating panels are discreet, elegant and hung on the wall (can be made as a picture, with a choice of image according to your wish or our suggestion) or the ceiling in any apartment, office or shop, give you the opportunity to enjoy a completely new and a comfortable micro-climate!

Quality standards

Сертификати за качество на Редсън инфрачервени панели

The latest technologies are used in the production of our powerful infrared carbon (carbon fiber) panels, resulting in high product quality. Redson infrared heating panels are GS certified by TÜV and CE and meet RoHS environmental protection standards. The product is maintenance-free and comes with a 5-year warranty. As a rule, we say: If a Redsun infrared panel works for one month – it will work without maintenance for the next 20 years!


Heating with the use of infrared panels from Redsun has many advantages. But efficiency is mainly determined by the fact that infrared devices first and foremost heat solid bodies/objects (walls, floors, furniture, people, etc.) and once they are heated, they release heat to the air. Therefore, when heating with infrared radiators, the air is one idea cooler than the surrounding surfaces and objects. Also, the feeling of heat with infrared heating is achieved at 2°C-3°C lower air temperature. Redson panels also perform conventional heating, but it is within negligible limits. The main heating is done by means of infrared radiation. Due to the specifics of their design and more precisely the thickness of 2.5 cm, they release 98% of the heat back into the room, compared to conventional heating systems that have an efficiency of 50% to 70%. The efficiency ratio of our appliances is among the best on the market.

Design and functionality

Рамка на Редсън инфрачервен панел

Redsun infrared panels are made of high-quality carbon fiber, are extremely thin and do not take up your free space. Edged with a modern and elegant aluminum frame. Mounting elements on the back help to easily and quickly attach to any wall or ceiling. The modern, future-oriented design helps you enjoy new possibilities for interior design in combination with the latest technologies. Infrared heating prevents moisture and mold on the walls and creates a completely new and comfortable micro-climate.


Infrared (radiation) heating has been proven to have many positive effects on health, such as improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, improving blood supply to cells and relaxing the body and mind.

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