Digital programmable thermostat EBERLE E 200

Keep control in your hands!

Digital programmable thermostat EBERLE-E200

Model: Е-200

Manufacturer : EBERLE Germany

Catalog price : 99,00 BGN

Delivery for Bulgaria: 4,00 BGN

Guarantee: 2 Years

Available: YES

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What are the characteristics of a digital programmable thermostat EBERLE E-200?

  • 3 choices of programming

o 5:2 days – Monday to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday;

o 7 days – Monday to Sunday;

o 24 hours– every day separately.

  • 3 (three) preset programs (see programs in the instructions);
  • 6 choices to change the time and the temperature for the day;
  • temperature control between – 7 ̊С – 32 ̊С;
  • temperature resolution – 0,1 ̊С (setup display);
  • temporal resolution – 1 minute – (time for accounting for changes in temperature);
  • choice of automatic or manual mode;
  • automatically passing of winter and summer time;
  • etc.

Why do we need a digital room thermostat?

  • In order to control and optimize the performance of heating and cooling appliances and systems;
  • To save energy and to earn money (money saved is money earned);
  • We want to be energy efficient by programming the operation of all appliances according to our way of life;
  • In order to determine savings;
  • To make sure that when we get back home, we will be in a room with a comfortable temperature;
  • To be assured that if we are gone for long periods during the winter, nothing will freeze at home thanks to the regime anti-freeze;
  • etc.

What and how much will we gain using room thermocontoller?

  • money –  generated savings of up to 30% of the monthly bill;
  • effectiveness – after two weeks of operation of the thermostat in a particular room, it optimizes the heating or cooling appliances or systems based on the heating losses of the room. I.e. how fast it reaches the desired temperature and how slowly the temperature loses from the room;
  • comfort – by setting a specific program that is tailored to your way of life (school, work, stay in the room), you will always be in a room with the most comfortable temperature;
  • control and optimization – you have the ability to control and optimize the operation of all heating or cooling appliances and systems;
  • certainty –

the set program will continue working even during a power failure or changes in voltage;

o secure access (children);

o frost protection – the thermostat will switch on appliances and systems for heating in a drastic drop in temperatures even if you are not in the room (at home). When the temperature becomes lower than 7 ̊С, the thermostat activates the heating appliances and prevents the freezing of important systems.

  • etc.

What types of appliances and systems for heating and cooling can control digital thermostat EBERLE E-200?

  • Infrared heaters;
  • Floor heating systems or radiators;
  • Electric heaters, fan heaters, convectors;
  • Air conditioners;
  • Circulators;
  • Heat pumps;
  • Petrol and gas heating;
  • etc.

The package includes:

  • 1 Digital programmable thermostat EBERLE E 200;
  • 2 Batteries АА;
  • 1 Handbook of use and exploitation;
  • 1 set fasteners for installation.

Product specification:

Model EBERLE E200
Power supply voltage 2 х АА 1,5 V alkaline batteries
Battery life about 3 years
Temperature range from 7 ° C to 32 ° C
Temperature resolution 0,1 ° C (setup display)
Switching current 8 (2), AC 24 … 230 V ~
Exit Relay commuter without tension
Output PWM or ON / OFF selectable
Temporal resolution 1 minute
Watch accuracy < 4 min / year
Ambient temperature operation from 0 ° C to 40 ° C storage from -20 ° С to 85 ° С
Nominal impulse voltage 4kW
Pressure test 75 ° C
Voltage and current for the purpose of measurements 230 V, 0,1 A
Pollution grade II (see Attention, page. 46)
Grade protection IP 30
Software class А
Weight (with batteries) 300гр<!–more–>

Product information:

  • Intuitive and easy programming;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • Modern design;
  • Suitable for every home;
  • Made in Germany;
  • Preset clock;
  • Automatic change of winter and summer mode;
  • 3 preset programs;
  • Saving programs;
  • Weekly or hourly mode;
  • Size – (110х75х46)mm;
  • Temperature range – 7 – 32 °C;
  • Digital display;
  • Operation voltage – 230 V, 50 Hz;
  • Maximum load – 8 А.

Product description:

Operating principle

EBERLE E-200 programmable room thermostat allows you to set time periods with different temperatures (up to 6 options per day), that fit the best with your lifestyle. Once installed, the thermostat will automatically adjust the time and will control your heating or cooling system in automatic mode, according to the set program 1 (see the handbook of use and exploitation).

The temperature is controlled by measuring the air temperature. The thermostat switches on the heating appliance when the air temperature drops below the set temperature of the thermostat and switches it off when that temperature is reached.

Note: All adjusted settings (in programming) will be accepted automatically after about 5 seconds.

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Digital programable thermostat EBERLE E 200
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