Industrial infrared heating systems

Innovative and highly energy-efficient infrared heating systems for the industry

The infrared gas heating systems for heating by Kübler, introduced in Bulgaria by Redson and refined to the level of most efficient solutions, guarantee stable thermal power with high productivity. They offer up to 50% energy savings as well as easy servicing and maintenance – all these factors contribute to a rapid return on your investments. The key technology behind all of this is infrared heat. Kübler has significantly contributed to its integration into mass production. Today, the company offers the widest range of products, perhaps even worldwide. Kübler – Industrial heating systems, a brief flyer Kübler – Industrial heating systems – presentation.

Redsun is the official partner of Kübler Industrial Heating Systems in Bulgaria, ensuring high quality and efficiency.

This is worth it.


The principle of cost-effectiveness at Kübler is a fundamental approach in the design of all Kübler products, achieved through an intelligent, constructive, and detailed methodology. Benefits include minimal convection losses, increased heat exchange, optimal temperature within the pipe, high coefficient of performance for more direct workplace heat and lower energy consumption. Taken together, these factors lead to over 50% energy savings. However, the principle of cost-effectiveness at Kübler extends beyond mere technical aspects. It originates in the minds of our engineers during the development of rational concepts to address the given challenges. Because a solution is truly effective only when it aligns 100% with the required need—neither more nor less.

From start to finish.

Guaranteed quality – from material selection to installation, designed for an average operational cycle of 15 years, Kübler’s products provide a guarantee of investment security and set standards in this industry. The first-rate selection and processing of materials are of paramount importance to Kübler. In the design of our systems, such as Optima, the use of stainless steel for all temperature-loaded components like the fuel pipe, reflectors, and turbulators is embedded. Quality control is uncompromising as well. Kübler possesses a quality control system that documents and monitors every individual production process. This ensures the quality of each heating system by Kübler.

Certification – Security in black and white.

Heating systems based on Kübler’s infrared heat technology are among the most established solutions currently offered in the market. Not least because they are designed and manufactured in accordance with modern requirements and standards. All products are certified according to the rules for the production of gas appliances (EC Type Examination Certificate). In terms of exhaust gas venting, Kübler’s devices meet the standards set by DIN EN 777 1-4, EN 416-1, as well as VP 118. Kübler’s heating systems are certified in all European countries and possess all the necessary approvals for unrestricted sale and use. This provides assurance when choosing modern and cost-effective solutions, as well as a proven system.

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