Kübler_efficieny_enInnovative and most energy efficient Industrial Heating Systems 

Perfectly designed to provide the most efficient solutions, Kübler technology offers reliable heating with value-added features. Fuel savings of over 50%, easy maintenance, operation without operating manuals and much more. Value-added features that mean money in the bank for you. The key technology behind all this: infrared. Kübler has made significant contributions to the remarkable success of this technology. With its ready-to-use solutions, Kübler provides the most comprehensive range of heating systems – probably worldwide. Kübler Industrial Heating Systems short flyer Kübler Industrial Heating Systems presentation

Redsun is the official partner for Kübler Industrial Heating Systems in Bulgaria and guarantees highest quality and efficiency logo_kuebler_s

A question of economy: the more priceoriented the purchase, the higher the total costs of your heating system (based on an operational life of 15 years).

It pays off

the economic efficiency principle from Kübler Economic efficiency is the guiding principle behind all Kübler products – intelligent details in construction and functionalities ensure this. The advantages: minimised convection loss, maximised heat transmission and tube temperatures, optimised efficiency for greater direct warmth at the workplace and reduced energy consumption. At the end of the day, all these advantages provide savings in energy of more than 50%. But the Kübler economic efficiency principle starts considerably before our technology sets in: it starts in the heads of our engineers – in the development of meaningful concepts and intelligent solutions. Because the only really efficient solutions are those that meet our customers’ needs 100%.

Kubler_InfraredHeatingHigh end from material selection to assembly

the quality Designed for an average lifetime of more than 15 years, Kübler products offer absolute security of investment. They also set standards in the heating systems industry – with first-class processing and professional use of suitable materials. Stainless steel is used for temperatureconducting components (tubes etc.) in systems such as Optima, which have been designed for sustainability. Similarly Kübler makes no compromises in quality assurance. Kübler has installed a tightly-knit quality assurance programme that documents every process and is subject to strict control. For you this means that every Kübler system is backed by the security of tested quality.

Reliability black on white

the approval Infrared heating systems from Kübler provide some of the most proven solutions on the market. One reason for this is that they strictly adhere to all mandatory standards and norms. All products are approved according to European standards. In combination with the Kübler flue gas system, these systems conform with the EN 777 1-4 and the EN 416-1 standards. Kübler heating systems are approved in many European countries, thus guaranteeing smooth operation. That provides security. The security to decide in favour of both an advanced, economical solution and a system that has proven itself a thousand times over.

Redsun is the official partner for Kübler Industrial Heating Systems in Bulgaria and guarantees highest quality and efficiency logo_kuebler_s

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