BURDA_good_to_knowInfrared heaters for zone heating

Ideal solution for heating bars, gardens, smoking areas, industrial areas and any hard heated areas. Radiant heaters with short wave infrared technology.

As the pioneer in the field of infrared short-wave technology the unique expertise and experience of BURDA Technologies enables us to provide a high quality product and move the technology forward. The innovative products we offer are the best evidence for intelligent solutions. Each product is produced with passion to bring out highly efficient, energy saving instant heating or cooling products. Customized solutions, perfectly attuned to people and the environment guarantees an almost unlimited range of use.

Highest standards in the production process and the use of sophisticated materials allows us to always offer our customers only the very best in terms of high quality, design, functionality and high performance. This is the only way possible to set standards worldwide.

Economical, environmentally convincing and cost-saving for more advantages and return at any use.



First-class infrared-heaters with a broad range of use, the wide choice of models and colours is further evidence of our high standard. read more here…


Heating & Cooling

Innovative power and customer demand united to create the cutting-edge heating & cooling concept with infrared short-wave technology. read more here…


Heating & Light

Patented by BURDA for its design and utility model with 180° adjustable halogen bulb in Europe. This is the best evidence for our unique quality standard, which accepts no compromises regarding processing and design. read more here…



The newest Infrared SPA generation for your home or business use. read more here…