Products for heating, cooling and control

Infrared heating panels

Infrared panels for heating - economy series

Infrared Panels Economy Series

Prices from 369.00 lv.

NOW from 313.65 lv.

Infrared heating panels with white glass - a special package - 2x600 watts,

White Glass Infrared Panels

Prices from 648.00 lv.

NOW from 550.80 lv.

Infrared heating panels - special package - 2x800 watt

Black Glass Infrared Panels

Prices from 588.00 lv

Now from 499.80 lv.


Mirror Infrared Panels

Prices from 582.00 lv.

NOW from 494.70 lv.

Infrared heating panel with a picture orchid

Infrared panels with pictures

Prices from 402.20 lv.

NOW from 334.70 lv.

Redsun infrared heating panels are highly energy efficient.It is proven that the infrared panels has a positive effect on health and are inovative and alternative to current conventional heating systems. High security, energy efficiency and standards of quality are guaranteed.

Projects with infrared panels and customer feedback

Air conditioners for heating and cooling

Daikin Air Conditioners monosplit by Redsun

Air conditioners Daikin

Prices from 882.00 lv.

NOW from 838.00 lv.

Pricelist air conditioners Daikin

Air conditioner monosplit MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC by Redsun

Air conditioners MITSUBISHI HI

Prices from 1199.00 lv.

NOW from 1139.00 lv.

Pricelist air conditioners MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES

Air conditioner monosplit GREE by Redsun

Air conditioners GREE

Prices from 732.00 lv.

NOW from 696.00 lv.

Pricelist air conditioners GREE

Infrared radiant heaters – instant heat

Infrared radiant heater with remote control and power control

Heating from the first second

Prices from 372.00 lv.

NOW from 334.80 lv.


Heating and cooling

Prices from 816.00 lv.

NOW from 734.40 lv.


Heating and lighting

Prices from 886.80 lv.

NOW from 798.10 lv.


Heating and SPA

Prices from 1056.00 lv.

NOW from 950.40 lv.

Electric Underfloor heating

Mats for underfloor heating under floor tile, marble and tiles

Under gres tile and floor tile

Mats for underfloor heating under laminate and solid wood

Under laminate and solid wood

underfloor heating_carpet_S

Under carpets

Mat for underfloor heating under carpet

Under carpets and linoleum

Prices from 49.50 lv./m²

NOW from 44.55 lv.

Outdoor Infrared Underfloor Heating

Cables for unfreezing pavement surfacePavement

Ribbon cable for heating asphalt covering


Cables heating playgrounds and sports fields

Grass flooring

Heating cables to heat the soil for crops


Prices from 9.00 lv./m.l.

NOW from 8.10 lv/m.l.

Room thermostats and thermocontrollers

Digital programmable thermostat EBERLE-E200Digital thermostats

Prices from 84.00 lv.

NOW from 75.60 lv.

Analog bimetallic thermostat EBERLE RTR-E-6202

Analog thermostats

Prices from 42.00 lv.

NOW from 37.80 lv.


WiFi Internet thermostats

Prices from 115.80 lv.

NOW from 89.10 lv.


Thermostats PLUG IN AND USE

Prices from 59.90 lv.

(Out of stock)

NOW from 39.96 lv.