Besides all other advantages, Infrared heating can be good for your health and well being

As designated by the nature a human being regulates the body temperature through the skin. Our immune system reacts particularly positive to infrared radiation because they give us the feeling that we are enjoying a sunny day and warm our body evenly from the top to the bottom. The healthy radiation of infrared heat should not be confused with the aggressive UV radiation.

Indeed, the positive effect of infrared heat has found numerous successful applications in the field of medicine.

Infrared heaters heat up objects and do therefore not produce any air circulation. This avoids movement of dust, mold, pollen and bacteria. Infrared heating systems help also prevent the creation of mold and condensing in a room. The smooth heating banishes heavy air and the creation of head ache, because the room contains enough oxygen and does not dry out, thus skin and mucosa is not irritated. Through the even distribution of warm air in the room there is no difference between ceiling and floor, which avoids uncomfortable cold feet. Additionally infrared radiation stimulates blood circulation, improves blood supply to the cells and has an overall relaxing effect to body and mind.

Applied in following fields of medicine infrared heat has been proven to be very positive


Warm muscles perform better. So called infrared saunas are an ideal support to professional training. The muscle is warmed, relaxed and therefore less injury-prone. Passive training for heart Infrared heat waves increases heart circulation and blood supply to the cells. Through the warmth of infrared radiation elasticity of tissue is increased which is important for injured muscle or ligaments..


Sweating helps to transports waste material out of the body. It as been proven when using an infrared sauna, besides water, up to 20% other waste material such as fat, cholesterol, heavy metals and other poisonous material is diverged. When using a conventional hot-air sauna only around 3% of such other waste material is diverged.


Through sweating and an improved metabolism, infrared heat helps to diverse poisonous substances out of the body and burn fat. A specialized treatment with infrared heat is an optimal support for any diet.


We talk about cellulite if fat, water and other waste material is stored under the skin. Infrared heat improves the metabolism which then helps to diverse such waste material better and as a result reduces cellulite.