Calculate easily the energy consumption needed to heat up your room, apartment or office. Enter the Watt power of your infrared panel heater in below table and define how many hours per day it should be in use. Note that infrared heating panels can be switched off if no heating is necessary (during the day if nobody is at home) in order to save energy!

Room Watt Power of infrared panel heater Hours in use
Living room hrs.
Sleeping room hrs.
Sleeping room hrs.
Kids room hrs.
bathroom hrs.
Kitchen hrs.
Corridor hrs.
Additional room hrs.
Price / kWh *
kWh / day Costs / Day
kWh / month Costs / month
kWh / year Costs / year **

* kWh price in Bulgaria is approx. 0.16 lv. / kWh ** Average heating days per year are 180 (6 month)

This calculator is an approximation to the actual consumption and costs that will appear. Energy consumption always depends on the electric supply system, bulding standard and the way of usage, and can therefore vary to above calculation.

Are you interested to use infrared heating for your room?