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Infrared heating through infrared rays is considered the most advanced, efficient, and healthy technology for heating. The reason for this fact is supported by proven results.

The principle of infrared heating is taken an example from nature – the way the Sun heats the Earth. Infrared heating systems warm up hard surfaces, objects, and people directly. Infrared heating gives warm air temperature. The air in the room remains around 1 ° C cooler than the surrounding solid (denser) surfaces. Infrared panels hardly generate air currents and the difference between temperatures near the floor and near the ceiling is about 1 ° C to 2 ° C.

In the absence of “wind” in the room, the temperature for a comfortable feeling of warmth is 2 ° C – 3 ° C lower than with conventional heating.

Infrared vs.Conventional Heating
Infrared vs. conventional heating. Operating principle.

In usual (conventional) methods of heating, warm air is blown into the room but according to physical laws, the air rises up and forms an insulating layer below the ceiling. In the lower area (floor) of the room is formed a colder layer of air that must be heated constantly. In a conventional type of heating is pronounced effect “cold feet – hot head” which is conditioned by the fact that you get a big difference in temperatures near the floor and near the ceiling. The difference can reach 5 ° C-6 ° C in bad or no uninsulated spaces. The formation of air currents creates discomfort and results in the need for higher temperatures in the room to reach a comfortable heating. As like as in Nature, wind has a cooling effect air currents have a cooling effect too.

“Infrared heating is the best possibility! It is most common in Nature.”

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Redsun is your specialist for infrared heating and offers suitable offers and ready-made solutions for all needs – from one room in an apartment to offices, shops, public buildings, restaurants, bars, and many other areas of application. For your greatest comfort, we offer a selected range of the highest quality products from certified and well-established European manufacturers. We offer unique free and paid services for our customers. Contact us and benefit from the best-infrared heating devices on the market.

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We offer you a comprehensive service to determine the best option for heating, cooling, hot water, and energy for your home, office, restaurant, production area, sheds, hangars, heating without limitation. With the possibility of a personal visit and calculation of the required power.

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Thanks to our wide partner network, you have the opportunity to benefit from products and services that increase the energy efficiency of premises and buildings, thereby optimizing the effect of infrared heating, reducing your monthly bills and improving the quality of life.


Ние предлагаме избрана гама висококачествени продукти от сертифицирани и утвърдени на пазара водещи производители. Redsun е пряко специализиран в инфрачервени панели за отопление, инфрачервени лъчисти лампи за мигновено отопление и продукти за контрол на тяхната ефективна работа.

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