Избери желаната картина за твоя панел за отопление

Бъди дизайнер! Внеси топлина, хармония и стил в дома си! Не оставяй избора на друг!

2 thoughts on “Картини за инфрачервени панели за отопление размер S

  1. Hi I am about to move into an apartment that has three plain white infrared heating panels on the wall. I wanted to cover these panels with art. Is that possible? How do I go about iy

    • Hi, thanks for your request, of course its possible to make an art/picture if you want. It’s better to contact us by mail or phone to discuss some special details. Mail – office@redsun.bg, phone – 0887643128.
      Regards Redsun!

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