Heat pump projects and customer reviews

Take a look at some of the completed objects with heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water built by us for you

Air-Water Heat Pump 8kW for Heating and Cooling a 100m2 House

Heating, cooling and hot water for the needs of a 100m2 house – with only one installation. Air-Water heat pump provides the solution to this task. Maximum efficiency with minimum bills.

Термопомпа Въздух-Вода за отопление на къща 100 м2

Task: Find an option for heating, cooling and hot water for a 100m2 house with one system, as efficiently as possible with the lowest possible bills and without commitment to the installation?

Calculations: Registered heat losses of the house 5.2kW at -16°C

Solution: Air-Water Heat Pump DAIKIN/Redsun 8kW

COP: 4.4

El. power: 2.6kW – maximum

Heating power: 8kW – nominal

Annual energy consumption: 4500kW

Average bill for heating and hot water: 119.00 lv

Average bill for cooling and hot water: 27.00 lv

Three-phase heat pump Air-Water SAMSUNG 16kW for House 240m2

How to provide heating, cooling and DHW (hot water) for a 4-5 member household in a 240m2 house? With one system, no maintenance, as efficient as possible and with the lowest bills.

Task: Complete the work of three other companies on the construction of a heat pump installation for heating, cooling and hot water for a 240m2 house.

In this project to build a heating, cooling and DHW system with an Air-Water heat pump, our task was a little more complicated and different than usual.
In general, we prefer to build the project from start to finish:

  • to make the necessary heat loss calculations
  • to set the necessary power of the heat pump, according to the needs of the home and the climatic features of the area
  • to design pipe routes and diameters
  • lay power and communication cables
  • build the internal heating and cooling installation, “inflate” it with heat transfer fluid and leak test it for at least 72 hours
  • yes…, yes…, yes…, but NO 🙂
    This time things were different. Some had laid the pipes for underfloor heating, others had run the package of copper pipes and cables between the indoor and outdoor body of the heat pump, and the heat pump itself would be from a third company. We were the fourth and last to have the honor of putting the puzzle together and, happily or unfortunately, shouldering all the responsibility.
Външно тяло на термопомпа въздух вода SAMSUNG 16kW, монтирано върху стойки пред къща

Calculations and design of the Air-Water heat pump installation